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An illusion that will make magic history. Sensational in effect one long to be remembered by any audience. Use your own assistant or a member of the audience. Subject kneels on a prayer mat with head resting on the sacrificial altar, which is approximately 32 inches in height. Two single metal tubes are shown; in fact, they may be examined. Tubes are open at each end. One tube has an open front. This tube is placed over the victim's head, which is clearly visible through the open front. The second tube is then placed over the head.

Now a lighted torch is thrust into the tubes all the way to the bottom of the tubes. A fire is started and real flames, a red glow, and smoke gush out through the top of the tube. It's an awe-inspiring sight! The flames subside, and while smoke is still pouring upward from the tubes, the outer cover is removed. The living head is no more; in its place is a grinning skull. The smoke still rising adds to the macabre effect that will hold your audience spellbound.

Then in a flash, the living head is restored and the victim bows to the applause of an audience that appreciates cleverness, mystery, and deception. Imagine the publicity possibilities. SACRIFICIAL CREMATION can be done successfully in clubs, on small or large stages, and surrounded by spectators. Shipped complete with break-down altar, metal tubes, prayer mat, torch, and red fire. $2000 plus shipping.

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