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The magician displays a tall upright cabinet with a curtained front opening. The cabinet is wheeled all the way around to show that there is nothing hiding behind or around the illusion. The front curtain is closed, and one, two, or three persons can be produced, one at a time or together as a group.

This prop can also be used for what has become popularized as (thanks to the late Doug Henning), "Things that go bump in the night." In this presentation, the magician stands in the cabinet and momentarily holds a up a sheet. A mysterious shape appears under the sheet, and then the form moves down out of the cabinet with his sheet in a crouched position. This same scenario is repeated a second time, with another mysterious shape appearing under a second sheet, and then moving in a crouched position onto the stage. The magician raises yet a third sheet, and the scenario is played-out a third time. The magician still standing in the cabinet, closes the curtain. Two beautiful ladies pull their sheets off and are produced. They whip open the curtain of the cabinet and the magician is gone! The third sheet is whipped-off, and there stands the magician.

As with a number of these fantastic props, the Modern Cabinet is custom-built for each customer. This can include the size of the prop as well as the decoration and motif. Designed to come apart and pack flat for transport. $6000 FOB