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The magician displays an opened front upright cabinet sitting on a splayed legs table. Through the cutout opening in the cabinet, the audience sees a bed of polished metal spears. The cabinet hinges backward and a person lays down on the table. The person to be skewed can be the magician, an assistant, or a spectator from the audience. The box is lowered back down over the person and the illusion is spun around completely to show all sides of the box. Two handles (one on each side of the box) are then engaged and the spikes are thrust down though the person. Due to the open front of the illusion, the entire action of the penetration is fully visible. The audience can also see the tips of the spikes protrude through the underside of the table. The spikes are then pulled back up through the person, the cabinet is tipped backward, and the previously skewed person is none-the-less for their penetrating experience!

Lester Lake of Guillotine fame was responsible for designing the original Shredder (or Shred-her) illusion. Years later, Lake's invention inspired Paul Osborne to design his GET THE POINT illusion that was published in an early GENII magazine. We have taken Osborne's and Lake's idea to innovate what we think is one of the best illusions in magic.

The illusion is entirely practical and poses absolutely no danger to the person laying on the table. It is a simple illusion to perform, can be performed surrounded, and is extremely effective. For packing, the rectangular cabinet comes off the table and is designed to fit under the table. This means that a packing case does not have to be much larger than the footprint and height of the table proper. This makes this illusion very portable and practical. The entire illusion can be set-up in about a minute.

The cabinet is laminated with Formica type laminate to withstand years of wear and tear, and the prop can be customized with any color, color combination, or pattern to make this illusion fit the theme or motif of any act. $7500 shipped FOB.