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The Chest of Enchantment illusion is a great effect that was created by the late Percy Abbott for the Howard Thurston show. The magician displays a large chest or trunk that sits on a small table. The magician opens the lid and folds down the front of the trunk to show the trunk's empty interior. The front door and lid are closed, the illusion is spun around, and when reopened, the magician's beautiful assistant appears! This improved model of this great effect does away with the angle problems of the original design. The prop can be used to vanish a person, change one person into another, or can easily be modified into the Costume Trunk illusion. This makes this illusion extremely practical for the modern working performer.

In the original Percy Abbott routine, a girl steps into the trunk and into a cloth bag. The tied end of the sack is pulled through a hole in the of the chest and the lid is closed. The chest is revolved to show all sides. Next the bag is pulled through the hole in the top of the trunk, with the apparent conclusion that the girl has vanished. After several bits of humorous business and the magician apparently hesitant to open the trunk, finally he opens the trunk to show that indeed the girl has vanished. No tip-over method or mirrors are used. Highly recommended. $6500 FOB.